Wednesday, November 17, 2010

These new damned battlegroups

If you didn't see this one coming....poor you.  I am a fan of the dungeon finder, at least when it comes to the ease of getting into lower level dungeons.  The battlegroups expanded in the last patch, taking more servers and throwing them together.

The queue times are varied, and not much different than they used to be, at least not in my group. Granted, I have a lot of patience, so waiting 30 minutes for a group on one of my dps has never bothered me.

What does bother me? The idiot fucking dps and sometimes, the tanks. The DPS love to run in and hit anything that moves.  That wasn't a big issue before the talent change patch. Now DPS run in, hit anything, and cry when they get aggro or die.  You ever try telling one of those kids they are doing it wrong? They get offended, tell you silly things, and either kick you or drop group.  I actually take an immense amount of pleasure at pissing those kids off by telling them the way a real DPS works is by attacking the tank's target.  Apparently, no one knows how to target the tank and hit the "f" key anymore. 

Some of these kids love to rush through things, and wipe and then wonder why. Tanks like to think they can barrel through and never die, even when pulling an entire room of dragons that do knock-backs. Sometimes, it works, assuming the dps is attacking the right target and the healer is on their toes.  Most the time though, in my experience, I end up fading, dropping an earth elemental, or tanking shit with my voidwalker.  In just the last few days, I've had to use my Earth elemental on bosses because no one knows what the shit they are doing.

Any one else have these types of experiences since things have changed back to the more "old school" style of tanking and dpsing?

WWTD? He'd kick you out and then show you how it's done.


  1. When I was an active wow player I had a relatively good reputation as a panic healer. I was a holy paladin so I could usually heal even the absolute worst shitty random group through a heroic.

    I only miss it a little. I'd miss all the free time(LOL) i have now more.

  2. God, being a shaman was amazing for shitty pulls. You could wind shock any aggro off, chain heal spam everyone, and if all else fails you just wait until shit dies down, repop, and then immediately quit the group.

    I heard that Wotlk was basically a zergfest though, especially if you're at higher gear levels.

  3. The only thing I really love about the dungeon system was the fact that I tanked- under 1 minute queues, hell yes.

    Other than that- people are dumb. I'd much rather find a group in my guild that I know won't be retarded. :/

  4. @Ada- Many players I encounter seem to only be familiar with the Wrath style of play, which very much was a zergfest. It's changed back to old styles now, and so many people just do not understand that.

    I've pulled a boss on my Sham in a group that made me mad and immediately dropped group. I've also done runs where I ended up pulling my earth elemental and beating down bosses with it.

    @Omi- Yeah on any of my tanks and on my healer, queues are instant. Not so much on my DPS, but I don' mind.

  5. I play as a hunter, and man the new patch has really upped the soloing potential of the class. It's fucking awesome- but I can imagine how many huntards there must be floating around right now for that same reason.

    However, part of the reason I'm a hardcore soloer is because I'm nervous of getting into a dungeon and fucking stuff up for other people. Kind of sucks, since that's how you get really good gear, but... idk.