Friday, December 10, 2010

Thrall would save the world....?

Well, I hope whenever he is done making babies....that he comes back and punches Deathwing in the face.  I would laugh.

Speaking of, if you have not made your way out to the Badlands and done that quest chain...GO NOW.  It's very very very amusing. Matter of fact, the Badlands is actually a very awesome place to quest now.  Good lore related quests and some nice rewards.

I haven't actually hit Cataclysm with any of my 80s yet.  I've been doing alts for the time being, and having a lot of fun doing it.  I will do 80-85, but I am in no rush.  Anyone want to get on my server and join my guild? Haha. 

Worgen are pretty cool.  Mind you, I only think so about the males.  I think the female models are not at all appealing. They look like a completely different specie from a skeletal perspective.  I'm not looking for a girly girl wolf, I am looking for a "Get too close and I will claw your eyes out" wolf woman.The females just look too nice and too human. 

Male worgen flirting is some of the best /flirts in the game. I love them.

So guys and gals- what are your opinions on the differences between male and female Worgen models?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

These new damned battlegroups

If you didn't see this one coming....poor you.  I am a fan of the dungeon finder, at least when it comes to the ease of getting into lower level dungeons.  The battlegroups expanded in the last patch, taking more servers and throwing them together.

The queue times are varied, and not much different than they used to be, at least not in my group. Granted, I have a lot of patience, so waiting 30 minutes for a group on one of my dps has never bothered me.

What does bother me? The idiot fucking dps and sometimes, the tanks. The DPS love to run in and hit anything that moves.  That wasn't a big issue before the talent change patch. Now DPS run in, hit anything, and cry when they get aggro or die.  You ever try telling one of those kids they are doing it wrong? They get offended, tell you silly things, and either kick you or drop group.  I actually take an immense amount of pleasure at pissing those kids off by telling them the way a real DPS works is by attacking the tank's target.  Apparently, no one knows how to target the tank and hit the "f" key anymore. 

Some of these kids love to rush through things, and wipe and then wonder why. Tanks like to think they can barrel through and never die, even when pulling an entire room of dragons that do knock-backs. Sometimes, it works, assuming the dps is attacking the right target and the healer is on their toes.  Most the time though, in my experience, I end up fading, dropping an earth elemental, or tanking shit with my voidwalker.  In just the last few days, I've had to use my Earth elemental on bosses because no one knows what the shit they are doing.

Any one else have these types of experiences since things have changed back to the more "old school" style of tanking and dpsing?

WWTD? He'd kick you out and then show you how it's done.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Illidan, and a tiny ray of hope.

So BlizzCon.  There's all sorts of videos and press releases, just like every year.  There's also that red shirt guy. Anyway.

Even if it was only some developer muttering his personal feelings, what he said was awesome. He said he likes a good redemption story, and Illidan would be his candidate. Oh yes please. I don't know that Thrall would really care much for this, but he's going to be too busy making little "brown babies" with his lady friend somewhere. (Seriously, they called them brown babies during BlizzCon.)

Speaking of Thrall and doing things, I hope he has a nice vacation while the rest of Azeroth, and the horde, fall to shit. See what kinds of things happen when Thrall leaves?  This should be a lesson to him- You can't take vacations.  I'm going to have to take extra care to not try and punch Garrosh, and end up just punching through my monitor.

OH, after like, a year of waiting....we got our Thrall figure from DC.  Hooray! Now he stands tall on top of the highest point of the computer desk.  I'll take a picture some time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to WWTD!

Welcome one and all to What Would Thrall Do?, a general World of Warcraft blog.  I won't be concentrating on any specific class or leveling up techniques, or anything like that.  This will mostly just be some day to day WoW stories about my adventures, or the adventures of people I know.  Sometimes I will bitch and complain.  Actually, I might do that kind of often.  I will try to make it relevant and well spoken, though. And hey, maybe some of the things that tick me off, will be things that tick you off to. 

Just some background on me- I've been playing since 2006, pre-BC. My computer was garbage and I had work, so my first character got to 60 not long before BC released.  First class was a warlock.  And I admit to not knowing dick about how to play her until sometime in late BC.  Leveled a Paladin during BC, she became my main and still is.  Fell in love with tanking.  Now I have 3 80s (one is a DK, bleh.) and several others between 40 and 65.  So yeah, there it is.