Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to WWTD!

Welcome one and all to What Would Thrall Do?, a general World of Warcraft blog.  I won't be concentrating on any specific class or leveling up techniques, or anything like that.  This will mostly just be some day to day WoW stories about my adventures, or the adventures of people I know.  Sometimes I will bitch and complain.  Actually, I might do that kind of often.  I will try to make it relevant and well spoken, though. And hey, maybe some of the things that tick me off, will be things that tick you off to. 

Just some background on me- I've been playing since 2006, pre-BC. My computer was garbage and I had work, so my first character got to 60 not long before BC released.  First class was a warlock.  And I admit to not knowing dick about how to play her until sometime in late BC.  Leveled a Paladin during BC, she became my main and still is.  Fell in love with tanking.  Now I have 3 80s (one is a DK, bleh.) and several others between 40 and 65.  So yeah, there it is. 

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